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 [Aide Succés] Chercheur lambda pour orange box

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[Aide Succés] Chercheur lambda pour orange box Empty
MessageSujet: [Aide Succés] Chercheur lambda pour orange box   [Aide Succés] Chercheur lambda pour orange box Icon_minitimeMer 31 Oct 2007 - 16:05

Bonjour, je vous fait part de la liste des cachette lambda qu'il faut découvrir dans half life 2 (trouvé sur le forum de . Cette liste est en anglais mais assez facile à comprendre. Je suis entrain de faire le jeu en cherchant ces cachettes, j'ai trouvé les 30 premières.

Si vous avez du mal à en trouver quelques unes, faites moi en part, je vous aiderez:

//// Chapter 1 : Point Insertion

//// Chapter 2 : A Red Letter Day

G 1) Just prior to entering Dr. Kleiner´s lab, Alyx offers to buy you a drink from the vending machine, there is a Lambda Symbol on the wall. Walk up to the symbol before or after the vending machine opens up.

//// Chapter 3 : Route Kanal

G 2) Your goal at the start of the level is to cross some train tracks (going over and through some train cars). After that, you will climb stairs to the next area. There is a house where you have to break the boards to get inside. After you are inside the house, look left for the supplies and Lambda Symbol.

G 3) A little bit later, you will encounter an air duct with a Lambda symbol above it. Go inside and pick up the ammo. This is impossible to miss, as it is a path you need to take to continue the story.

G 4) You will see a short scene where some resistance fighters are killed in front of a "firing squad". Around the corner from this is a machine gunner. After you kill the machine gunner and
all of the people around there, you will walk towards the big pile of rubble on the opposite end of the machine gun (you must go this way to continue the story). Underneath an overturned blue car is the ammo.

G 5) After the first helicopter attack, you can run around to the left of the entrance to this area and enter a building. Inside the building is a metal walkway. Look down and you should see the
symbol. Go down the ladder on the right to reach the ammo.

G 6) After you get your first SMG, you will be going through the sewers for awhile. There will be a symbol above the piping. Drop down under the pipe to get the crate.

G 7) Once you reach the room that is curved with with the wood planks above you, go up the ladder and follow the path around until you reach the ammo cache.

G 8) Once you leave the preveous room and go outside, there should be radioactive waste on the ground with a big yellow pipe running across the radioactive waste. At the end of the pipe is the ammo and symbol.

//// Chapter 4 : Water Hazard

G 9) When you are on the airboat at the beginning of the level, go through the huge area into a gate. Keep going until you don´t see anymore radioactive waste. On the right, there should be a ladder leading to the ammo.

G 10) In the same barn as you see the G-Man you may notice a Lambda logo spray painted on the box dangling from the crane. You will need to get up into the barn, kill any hostile creatures that
you may encounter and dislodge the barrel that is holding the small cache of supply crates up, and then jump back down into the water to claim your prize.

G 11) Near where the first Combine dropship lets off Metro Cops, there are three large sewer holes. One of them has the grate broken and a lambda symbol next to it. Travel through it and under a brief stretch of water to find your supplies and a hidden zombie at the end.

G 12) After entering the APC warehouse and opening the gate, make your way deeper into the canals. Passing the first attacking combine vehicle, you will be able to see the familiar Lambda
spray on the wall near the second vehicle. There is a small hole near the adjacent bars, climb though here to get to the two supply crates place here.

G 13) After emerging from a tunnel with fallen debris blocking the way forward, turn right to advance further and you will notice the familiar spray on a pillar here. Some supplies are
suspended in a basket out of your reach, look for the basket that is attached to the other end of the pulley system and throw the bricks placed in here out of the basket with your "use" key to
lower the supplies. You may notice some ammunition you have no weapon for yet, a sign of things to come?

G 14) After opening the second gate a helicopter will start chasing you. Quickly, before things get too serious, take a peek under the railway bridge and look left, you´ll spot a Lambda symbol indicating a couple of supply crates for you to bash open with your crowbar.

G 15) Eventually you will enter a series of pipes and will go under a tunnel...look to the left high up for a Lambda symbol...with wooden pillars underneath it. Knock over these pillars with your boat.

G 16) Not far after the previous one..continue along in your boat as the heli continues to lay bombs in your path..and you will pass a reddish gate that is already open..shortly after look to your upper will see some green graffitti sprayed..hop out of your boat and go up the slanted concrete ramp to claim your prize on the corner on the left.

G 17) Shortly after the previous one you will curve right and see some barnacles hanging on the left side..and some boarded up fences with red x´s on them on the the left is a Lambda
symbol and some crates nearby.

G 18) After spotting the G-Man you will notice a Lambda spray just before a split in the tunnels, take the right turn and dispatch any resistance you encounter. Pushing forward you will notice a hut filled with dead resistance members. The top floor contains some supply crates for you to raid.

//// Chapter 5 : Black Mesa East

G 19) Near the beginning of this chapter you will spot the Lambda logo near a wooden jetty, this signifies the place to climb up onto the wharf. There are no goodies here.

//// Chapter 6 : We Don´t Go To Ravenholm

G 20) After entering the house with the generators, zombies and headcrabs, head up the stairs and toward the balcony looking over the generators. From this balcony jump across to the far right
generator, hop across to the left generator and the Lambda spray, bash in the grating here and crawl though the newly exposed duct to the hidden alley. Collect your winnings in the supply
crates stashed here (you´ll notice a second lambda near the supplies) and you are ready to head off again.

G 21) Your next lambda is easy to spot in the "dropping car" area, you may spot it on the wooden fence nearby.

G 22) After you see Father Gregori take out more zombies from the other building, jump out, dispose of the rest. Then climb the ladder in the corner and jump onto the beams. Continue until
you´re at the T junction. Turn left, your flashlight might be handy, and look into the attic opening on your left to spot a crude logo on the wall.

G 23) With a final exit from the mines, have a look towards your back and check the tunnel entrance. The Lambda symbol hugs the arch and a stack of supplies support it.

//// Chapter 7 : Highway 17

G 24) After dropping from the will go up a hill with rocks blocking your way. Drive around them on the right side...then once up the hill a bit....look to your left and you will see a small red cabin with a Lambda symbol and some health kits inside.

G 25) Shortly after the previous Lambda will exit a tunnel and come onto a sandy beach with a house with an antlion repeller. Walk around to the right side of the house and you will see a cellar with a Lambda symbol on it. Break open the boards and walk inside. Use the gravity gun to stack the wheelbarrow between a green crate holding grenades, and a blue locker. Hop onto the green crate, then onto the wheelbarrow, then onto the locker to get to the boarded walkway above. There are several ammo crates above. The Lambda notification unlocks once you grab the ammo nearby. There is also a room to the right that you must hop over to get to...but be careful..a hunched over zombie with poisoncrabs on him awaits inside.

G 26) After moving the buggy with the crane and jumping over the broken´ll need to clear the path of cars in the road with the gravity gun. Get back in the buggy and drive through
the cleared mess, but stop shortly after. On the left is a blue van with a Lambda symbol spray painted on the ground before it. Grab the supplies inside.

G 27) After sucking the yellow stops with the gravity gun from under the rear wheels of the Combine APC vehicle to knock off the power that´s blocking the way through with an electric
barrier...look on the left side of the road...there´s a fenced area with a big white gas tank inside. Go around to the front side and you will see a blue barrel nearby. Stack that near the bent part of the fence and hop over to get inside. You will see the Lambda symbol and the supplies behind it, along with a dead resistance fighter and some interesting graffitti.

G 28) Shortly after #4 you will enter a tunnel. A gunship will be outside but will just fly overhead and over the mountain (This gunship can´t be destroyed, I tried several just flees). You will approach a bend that curves right. To the left are 2 big sections of tall, jagged rocks. Another point of reference is there is a windmill ahead of these rocks. Get out of the buggy and venture behind them. You will see a rundown shed with some headcrabs and crates. The Lambda symbol is buried underneath one of the crates. Smash it open.

//// Chapter 8 : Sandtraps

G 29) In the cabin where you must place the batteries in order to open the gate for your buggy, there is a Lambda symbol on the ceiling right above the small bathroom. Use the gravity gun to
pull down the cache.

G 30) While avoiding the will eventually come to a cabin with a partially missing roof. There is also another cabin above this that you will have to stack a barrel or whatever you can find to access. A Lambda symbol is clearly sprayed on the front with supplies scattered around.

//// Chapter 9 : Nova Prospekt

G 31) As you progress through the will climb up some steps and see a Lambda spray near some boards. Take out your crowbar and smash the boards through with a few whacks and
climb inside for the supplies.

G 32) Continue further and after pulling the plug from the machine hurting the vortigaunt, you will come across a row of with a Lambda spray next to it. Approach it and a door will slowly open. Enter and grab the supplies.

G 33) Further along you will fight a crew of Combine oldiers..hop over a railing on the far right side of the room. The Lambda is in a room..and a zombie with poison crabs on him awaits you
across from it.

//// Chapter 9a : Entanglement

G 34) This Lambda cache is after you get to Alyx´s dad..and she will open a gate for you. You will see Alyx on the upper right on a tv screen. On top of the soda machine to your left is the stash.

//// Chapter 10 : AntiCitizen One

G 35) As soon as you start this chapter...DOG will hop down. Go outside but immediately turn to your right towards a blue dumpster. Above it across a fenced area is a Lambda cache. Stack a
nearby wooden crate on top of one of the smaller green dumpsters and hop onto the higher concrete area and grab the cache.

G 36) After you fight off the headcrabs among a bunch of hopper will enter a courtyard outside..look to your left for a red explosive barrel...a Lambda symbol will be right near it. Suck out the metal piece that is blocking the supplies inside.

G 37) Eventually you will be fighting with numerous Combine in a building. You will come across a gate to your left that you can´t open..but you can see a Lambda Symbol across the way behind
another gate. After clearing the Combine...go down and meet more resistance fighters and after her short speech, go back upstairs (you will pass a load point)..and turn left and go up the stairs
to reach the area to the Lambda. Suck them out with your gravity gun.

G 38) Once you come to a tunnel full of manhacks, check a rickety barricade towards the end of the tunnel, noticeable by its badly collapsed state. Find your way past the rubble and turn around.
You´ll see a Lambda symbol with some needed supplies.

G 39) Walk out into the final courtyard in this area, you will notice you are now on the opposite side of the barred
fence. Enter the building, at the top of this half-demolished building, you will see 3 medkits and a Lambda symbol. It´s just before you pull the lever to lower a bridge.

G 40) After falling through a few holes in the floor and fighting off some zombies you will come to a T-junction. Right there is a large resistance logo in complete darkness. Before you exit this area move up to the grating, and switch on your flashlight to peer into the darkness. Bring out the gravity gun and suck the crates to collect the goods.

G 41) After you finish the plaza stand will go underground and then eventually over some pipes onto this area with several catwalks. At the very bottom of these catwalks is a Lambda symbol..with 2 crates.

G 42) After fending off several headcrabs...go down into the ditch area and you will see a Lambda Symbol above a small hole that´s like a vent. Suck the supplies out with the gravity gun.

G 43) Proceed further and you will hop over 3 round metal things..another Lambda cache is directly in front of you.

G 44) When you reach that area where you have to take the lift...go all the way to the top floor via ladders..and once up there...look for a reddish brown wall...on the far left in a nook is a crate and a Lambda symbol. Either hop onto the catwalk that leads to the Brown wall...or just suck it out with your gravity gun.

//// Chapter 11 : Follow Freeman

G 45) After a visit from the final strider in the tunnels, go through the building and make your way through to the top, killing all the Combine Soldiers standing in your path. Upon arrival , look down the hole leading to a stairwell below. The connecting passage between the parking structure and the final assault area holds a Lambda location that´s easy to spot on your way. Stop for a moment to reload from the Supply Crates here.

[Aide Succés] Chercheur lambda pour orange box Aior

"Tous ceux qui travaillent dur ne sont pas tous récompensés, toutefois, tous ceux qui ont réussi ont travaillé dur"

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[Aide Succés] Chercheur lambda pour orange box
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